Our brand is about much more than a distinctive logo and color scheme. The brand is the personality of the company and it guides everything we do. In an environment characterized by growing globalization, the early detection and tracking of trends play an important role. Only those who manage to recognize and effectively implement trends are able to respond to changes in consumers’ demand pattern and thus gain a competitive edge.

After the strict division between fashion and DIY observed a few years ago, the limits nowadays have merged into the already well recognized and established lifestyle market. Lifestyle is not a fashion term, but rather a philosophy of life. Through the dissolution of limits between sports and lifestyle, the group of competitors now covers the entire range from traditional textile goods companies to fashion companies with a fashion orientation.

Sri Sudha Fabrics.

178 Z/8 - Srivilliputhur Road, Sankarapandiyapuram, Chatrapatti - 626102 Tamil Nadu, INDIA
+91 4563 258678

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