Rising to the informational and communicational challenges posed by the 21st century, SUDHA has developed a virtual corporate structure. The virtual structure is supported by a matrix organization with a vertical (functional) and horizontal (geographic) focus.

Vertical Focus:

SSF’s virtual headquarter is comprised of decentralized core competency centres located within the UK,USA, UAE, India & Australia. Dispersed amongst these core competency centres are SSF’s seven corporate functions consisting of Product, Product Supply, Brand, Growth, Structure, Brand Value and Culture. Each of these functions represents several sub-functions, which are managed comprehensively with a “big picture” perspective. These functions have also been strategically positioned where specialization and management know-how is optimal.

Horizontal Focus:

Through its matrix organization, SUDHA achieves further geographical focus through its subsidiaries, as those in UK, USA, UAE, India and Australia are also regional hubs. The hubs were created to oversee SSF distributors, licensees, as well as some subsidiaries within the respective regions. UK is responsible for Europe, USA for the Americas, UAE for Africa and the Middle East, India for Asia, and Australia for the Pacific Region. This structure places SSF in a dynamic position to capture regional differences and local variances, enabling the company to fine-tune and incorporate them into its global brand initiatives.

Sri Sudha Fabrics.

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