The head of the class starts here.

The true purpose of education is not to read or write but to train the mind to think.

At SUDHA, we are committed to improving education by supporting programs that offer the tools and training to help enrich people’s lives.

We are dedicated to improving family literacy, offering various teacher grants, and providing hands-on vocational training through neighborhood schools and national organizations.

A.SUDHA Grants

In a continuing endeavor to encourage greater learning for this generation and each one thereafter, SUDHA sponsors unique grants for both educators and students.


SUDHA has long supported a wide variety of scholarship programs, many of which focus on minority and disadvantaged students. We firmly believe in supporting those in pursuit of higher learning to help individuals achieve their full potential.


Education is more than what’s learned in schools. It’s about experiencing hands-on what life has to offer by interacting with different individuals in different ways. That’s why SUDHA sponsors various programs that challenge today’s youth—as well as the adults who influence them—to acquire new knowledge by sharing with one another.

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