Significant increase in orders

For the fifth consecutive time, orders on hand posted growth as of the year-end. At year-end 2013, orders climbed currency adjusted by 9.8% to Rs. 1,187.7 million, due mostly to deliveries for the first and second quarter of 2013.

By product segments, currency adjusted orders for Laminated Dust Sheets went up by 4.7% to Rs. 721.1 million, Cotton Dust Sheet orders climbed by 19.9% to Rs. 397.7 million, Polythene Dust Sheets, which rose by 13.6% to Rs. 68.9 million.

In the Leeds regions, currency adjusted orders were up by 10.2% to Rs. 712.0 million. Orders in the Manchester region dropped by 13.2% to Rs. 241.3 million on a comparable basis. The decrease is due exclusively to the China market. Orders in the Ireland region rose by 26.0% to Rs. 234.4 million due to a significant increase in the Dublin market, in particular.

Management confirms a single-digit sales increase on a currency neutral basis Based on financial results for the 1st Quarter of 2014, management reaffirms a currency adjusted single-digit sales growth for the fiscal year 2014 despite a continued difficult consumer environment.

During the exceptional year 2013 SUDHA continues with its marketing investments as planed in order to support the long

-term growth potential. The brand investments could affect 2013’s EBIT margin. In a volatile market environment it is difficult to outline the final impact on profitability.

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