Find out more about the customer reference activities we offer to help you gain positive exposure for your business success.

Customer References:


Gain positive exposure for your business and technology successes—in the public eye and within your organization—by participating in reference activities. Reference activities position you as an industry leader, and many include opportunities to network with peers or SUDHA experts.

Customer Success Stories:

Published on SUDHA.com, snapshots and case studies provide information about your organization, your business challenges, and your technology-enabled solution.Self-nominate for reference activities with our easy online form.

Field Reference Forums:

Host an informal, hour-long sales reference conference call that includes a question-and-answer session with prospective SUDHA customers. This one-to-many reference activity makes optimal use of your time and provides you the opportunity to share your successful business transformation. To listen to a sample forum, ask your sales representative to access the internal archive with you.

Sales Reference Calls and Visits:

You can provide one-off sales references by phone or host a prospective SUDHA customer on site at your facility.

Press and Analyst Activities:

You may have the opportunity to speak with reporters at independent magazines, newspapers, and television outlets, as coordinated by SUDHA’s public relations team. The interviews may result in stories published or aired by third parties. Interviews are usually conducted by phone but may be coordinated around events.


A SUDHA@Work video involves a two-day, on-site video shoot and results in a four- to eight-minute video featuring interviews with your executives highlighting your successes.

SUDHA Publications:

Our Profit or SUDHA Magazine teams may consider you for inclusion in an article for an upcoming issue. You can find current issues of Profit and SUDHA Magazine here.

Customer Quotes:

SUDHA customers frequently provide quotes about their success with an SUDHA product or service. With your permission, we use these quotes in external settings such as presentations, brochures, and Web site content.

Speaking Engagements:

Customers are regularly invited to present individually or on panels at SUDHA or third-party events, such as SUDHA Open World and other key product-focused or analyst events.

Powered by SUDHA Program:

Show that SUDHA helps you run your business with our Powered by SUDHA Logo Program.

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